Literacy Websites


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Clifford Read Along Stories
Click on the sentences to have them read out loud.

Story Nory
Free audio stories for children.

Barnyard Rhymes
Find the rhyming objects on the farm. Colorful. Audio included.

abc with eyes
Letter Match
Another Clifford site to play. Students drag words into the correct box based on matching the initial consonant. Words are spoken by the computer when they are dragged and directions can be read aloud by the computer. Letter Name – initial consonants

Make a Word
In this Clifford site, student choose a vowel to place between two consonants to make a real word. Letter Name – short vowels. You can choose to have directions read aloud. Words are pronounced as they are made.

Sound Match
On this Clifford site, students click on a key picture (word) to hear it spoken. They then click on pictures of things that begin with the same sound and drag them into a box. Uses only pictures to discriminate initial consonant sounds. The names of all pictures can be be spoken by the computer so there is no confusion as to what the intent of the picture is. Letter Name – initial consonants

Star Fall
Many different activities from reading books, to learning letters and sounds.

Whirlybird Machine
Whirlyword is a fruit machine that makes 3 letter CVC words.

Word Maker
Word Maker provides a simple, engaging way for students to generate dozens of different words by first choosing an ending (for example -an, -ed, -at, -op) and then adding a beginning letter or blend. When a correct word is created, the word is stored in a Word Bank where students can read and review their words.
Drag n Spell
Choose the correct vowel pattern which goes between the beginning and ending consonants to complete a word. Two levels of play. Has adjustable speed.

Write a Postcard
After selecting a postcard, locate a featured vowel pattern in all the words. In the second level, drag a vowel pattern to correctly fill in a gap in a word.

ABC Mouse
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